How To




Natural Cold Pressed Juices

Consume first thing in the morning for best absorption. Consuming the entire bottle will fill you and let your body take the time to take in all its nutrients with no interruption of other foods.

Help the vitamins and nutrients in your juices thrive by eating clean! If on a cleanse, don’t starve yourself, just imitate the fruits and vegetable sin your juices in your meals. i.e green salads, fruit salads, lighter meals (no dairy or grain)

Natural Remedies

Consume two-three tablespoons of liquid, morning and night until finished. DO NOT skip any days for better results. You owe it to yourself to be consistent for the sake of your wellbeing.

Grab a teaspoon or two of oyur honey and dip it in a warm cup of any Ines Organics Wildcrafted Herbal tea. A purposeful condiment for a purposeful drink.

Wellness Shots

Consume your 2 oz shot first things in the morning. Do a taste test! These shots are POTENT and if you must dilute, do it with no more than 4 oz of water.

Best way to bring down our potent shots? Try some warm lime/lemon water after to help settle your stomach. Or an Ines Organics Herbal Tea Blend will do too!

Wildcrafted Herbal Teas

Fill your tea infuser with your tea of choice and submerge in hot water until herbs and roots are soft.

Sweet Blood Tea- The best sweet tooth deviator

Breathe Easy – smokers lungs

Temple Tune Up – immunity boost

Womb Love- menstrual cycle, PMS or trying to conceive.