Providing Purposefully

Ines Organics is rooted in cultural, holistic recipes passed down through generations of the Caribbean. Our mission is to bring awareness of what we put into our bodies and how it affects us. At Ines Organics, we revert to our backyard, Mother Nature, to give us the necessary vitamins and nutrients to aid your body the organic way and most importantly- with purpose.


Ines Organics takes pride in our ALL GLASS containers. Yes, that's right, all of them. While saving the planet, you'll also be saving some coins!Receive a 15% discount EVERY TIME you return glass containers with the placement of an order.
  1. Place your order, select "Join Recycle Program" at checkout
  2. At pick up of your order, return your containers in exchange for a code
  3. Use your 15% code on your next order!
We thank you in advance in helping us carry out our mission of being more mindful of not just our bodies, but the very earth that sustains us!

For any questions or inquiries, email us at