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Amor Al Matriz (Womb Love) Remedy

Amor Al Matriz (Womb Love) Remedy

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(25 oz) A magical concoction passed down through generations of the women of the Dominican Republic dedicated to the health of our womb. Whether it is from recently giving birth,  PCOS/Endometriosis or maybe just the ending of your cycle, this is thee cleansing and regenerating mixture to love on your womanly organs. This can relieve PMS symptoms, aid in cleansing of uterine wall after cycle and even create a healthy environment for pregnancy. Be cautious!   

Ingredients -

Carrot, Aloe, Molasses, Vino Tinto

How To - 

Consume 2-4oz ounces of liquid daily until the bottle is finished.

** This item is available for pick up only and must have an ID present (must be 21+ to purchase). **


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