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Immunity Blaster Cleanse - 2 Day

Immunity Blaster Cleanse - 2 Day

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Immunity Life Saver. This is the combination of all of our immune boosting heavy products when you just need to wipe all of the germs OUT! We have our ginger-turmeric concentrated juice to clear those passages, your garlic infused honey (which feel free to use in your tea and to cook!), a strong garlic infused shot to kick those microbes out the body and a yummy 8 oz immunity blend for your enjoyment. Save your Temple Tune Up Tea for a rainy day and take your remedy until it's done! Don't cheat yourself!

~ Temple Tune Up Tea Blend (8oz)

~ Inmunidad Honey Remedy (16oz)

~2 Anti Microbio Wellness Show (2oz)

~ 4 Anti Flame Juices (16oz)

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How to Consume:

Take your Ines Organics Wellness Shot in the morning followed by your Ines Organics Wildcrafted tea. You may take two tablespoons of the remedy directly or put it in your tea as sweetener. Drink 16oz of filtered water before and after your Ines Organics Juice daily. 

** Agave sweetener optional - opt out on notes box at checkout**

** These bottles are NOT freezer safe. Best to consume within 7 days **

** Please allow 5 business days processing time for fermentation process prior to shipping. **

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