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Sweet Blood Wildcrafted Tea Blend

Sweet Blood Wildcrafted Tea Blend

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Sweet Blood (8oz) - Cinnamon bliss in a warm cup containing some of the best herbs that help with blood sugar levels. Ingredients in this blend are targeting sugar cravings and glucose destroying!

•Sweet Blood Highlights•

Gymnema is what is called a “sugar destroyer” deviating you from your sugar cravings! So this is a great tea for night time when those munchies kick in!

Fenugreek is another plant containing the benefits of lowering blood sugar levels and has shown to assist mothers during breastfeeding! Full of vitamin A, B1, B2, C and so many others!

Ginseng helps with boosting energy levels and another glucose helper! This root is also a stress and menstrual cramp reliever!

Ingredients - cinnamon, ginseng, holy basil, fenugreek, gymnema

How to Consume:

Steep or brew 2 teaspoons (or more if desired) for about 15 minutes or until all roots and herbs are soft. Try the double brewing method to maximize the amount of nutrients from the blend.

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** Please allow 3 business days processing time for fermentation process prior to shipping. **

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