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The Empress

The Empress

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The Empress (16oz glass bottle) – A rich and refreshing juice with a pomegranate base dedicated to the Womban. While this is another juice, with fruits and veggies that can be consumed by anyone (not just women), the ingredients have been carefully chosen to nurture and love up on the female reproductive system- prioritizing antioxidants and Vitamin C!

Pomegranate – A super rich antioxidant and anti-viral fruit rich in Vitamin A, E and C

Papaya – Another antioxidant fruit containing Vitamin A and Folate. Folate supplementation is like music to a female womb!

Berries (Raspberry/Blueberry Combo) – Berries are also filled with antioxidants and Vitamin C. Vit C is important for growing, helping and developing new body tissue throughout the body. Regenerating the skin as well for that glow!

Spinach – A vitamin C boost to the drink that gives this fruity drink and earthy tone.

Lemon - to balance out your drink.

Agave – to slightly sweeten you juice.

** These bottles are NOT freezer safe. Best to consume within 7 days **

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